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Real-time Vehicle tracking

We offer vehicle tracking and monitoring servcies. Do you need to keep track of your car? Or maybe you need to monitor the distance covered by your truck. Do you need extra security for your vehicle to prevent against theft or to recover it if stolen? Our wide range of vehicle tracking and monitoring offers a unique and breakthrough solution for constant and real-time monitoring and tracking of your vehicle. You can work and sleep conveniently without having to worry about the status of your vehicle.

Fleet management

Our fleet management service offers your a simple, yet reliable way to keep track of various vehicles in your fleet. With our custom fleet management solution, you are able to keep track of vehicle distance covered, stoppage time, fuel consumption, vehicle speed, vehicle location and a host of various other vehicle diagnostics. You can set speed and stoppage limits to prevent aganst overspeeding and to safeguard against loss of time.

Personnel monitoring

With our new personnel management solution, you can now easily and effectively keep tabs on your children and staff. Stay constantly updated on the whereabouts of staff or loved ones. It's smart, affordable and getting started is as easy as a breeze.


Tracking features



With our cutting edge tracking technology, virtual boundaries around real world geographical areas can be established with automatic alerts generated based on the coordinates of the geographical area being mapped, to the users device in form of a simple message.


Mileage report

Our tracking system provides information about a vehicle mileage in real time process, with an accuracy of about 99% in the mileage report being provided.


Overspeed report

Our sophisticated G-Tracker system provides detailed report about the overspeed history in order to monitor the driving situations of vehicles, trucks, cars e.t.c.


Stop Details

The G-Tracker device gives out detailed report on each stop of the tracked vehicle. This gives reliable information on the stop history to give the vehicle owner a better leverage.


Alarm Details

Our tracking system helps to keep Log of the alarm details of the tracked vehicles with the report being sent to the users GPS enabled device.